Monday, July 18, 2011

Unpolished raw rough Orange Opal / Honey facet cabbing cabochon Opal from Tanzania

A Top Grade Natural Opals
Tanzanian opals are prized for their rarity and beauty. This parcel of Approximately 2 pounds of opal gemstones is perfect to create several pairs of earrings, pendants, cuff links, and Bracelets and/or just for collectors.
Gemstone: Mixed Opals from Tanzania
Quantity: Approximately 2 pounds of opal gemstones
Color: Varies Medium to Orange yellow and Honey 
Cut: Uncut and/or unpolished rough
Clarity: Varies
Origin: Tanzania
Treatment: Not treated original color
Polish: Unpolished/raw rough
Carat weight: Approximately 2 pounds of uncut raw opal
Measurements: Largest size is 90mm and smallest is 16mm
Size: 1/2 inch = 12.7 mm (millimeter) ; Weight : 1 metric carat ct = .2 grams

Estimated replacement cost $10,000.00

Buy now for $300.00 Item location NYC. Interested Email at

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